Friday, 1 January 2010

Clifton Museum

In December we had a trip to Clifton Museum with a home ed group.
Clifton House, built in 1783,The interior was redecorated using the exact colour scheme as when the building was a Georgian country house in the 18th century.
The children got to bake gingerbread and toast muffins on the range as well as have a turn doing the washing.

Kiki didn't do any baking, she wasn't interested. All she wanted to do was play with her best friend.
While the gingerbread was baking we all had a tour round the museum. There was so much to see. Below is Nelson the Lion he was the inspiration for the lion statue by Nelson's column in London.
This is a picture of the stone full of fossils they used so much in the house.

After the tour the gingerbread was ready.
Once all the gingerbread was eaten the children learnt how the washing was done.

After all that hard work the children went to play in the park.

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