Sunday, 10 January 2010


After trying to snow for a few days we finally woke up to this!

Which meant that we had to put layers on and get out. The only problem is that it takes us almost an hour to get everyone dressed in all their layers and to find all the gloves, hats and scarves.

It was as if someone had put the black and white filter on.
Champ was of course the first one on the hill. The snow was very powdery.
Kiki having a big discussion with Daddy at the bottom of the hill.
Luckily enough Father Christmas had given each of the children (and hubby) a different style of sled for Christmas so they all had turns on each of them.

Boo always seems to get cold faster than the others but then again she insists on lying down the whole time.

ready, steady, go.....
Googs hasn't quite got his balance sorted yet and crashes all the way down. I am quite pleased though because the ride lasts a little longer as he takes forever to walk up the hill.
Kiki always has to ride with someone. She INSISTED on going on her own...we allowed her and she ended up with her face in the snow. She has finally accepted that, for now, she needs a partner :o)

But there are some perks of being the youngest.

Googs was so funny he would make the snowball at the bottom of the hill then struggle all the way up just to throw them at us.

Of course a snowman had to be built.
And after every session in the snow a cup of hot chocolate was waiting for them.

chocolate mustachesOvernight there had been more snow and the following day the sun had come out so....more sledding!

Lovely rosy cheeks after snow play.

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