Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mommy time :o)

With all this snow and nowhere to go it has been the perfect time to do some crafting.
I made these mitts in purple too but have to embellish them as they are looking a little plain.
Crocheted necklace. I was surprised how warm this was or rather how cold my neck felt when I took it off.

Yellow really isn't my colour but I picked up this yarn in a bargain bin. It is a silk, rayon and cotton mix. In real life it is a lot more mustardy looking rather than the acid yellow that is shown in the pics.
And it can also be worn as a headband.
And I finally finished Kiki's painting! It would have been finished much sooner if hubby hadn't given the kids my special black pen to use which they promptly broke.

A retro looking doily headband.
And finally a lovely warm cowl made with baby marino.

Now I have to find a project for my big ball of bamboo yarn...hmmmm

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