Friday, 1 January 2010

Christmas in Wales

We set off to spend Christmas in Wales while it was snowing. The roads were icy and littered with abandoned cars. Luckily after Manchester the snow just cleared up and for the whole Christmas week we were snow free while the rest of Britain was struggling through inches of the stuff.
The plan was that my parents and grandmother drove down first then hubby, kids and I would follow later in the day (more to do with the fact that we had more people to get ready and into the car than any military timing) and then my brother would pick my cousin up from the airport the following day and bring her through. So there were 11 of us in one big house :o)

The boys were glad that we had no snow and the first thing that they got sorted were the fishing rods. They went fishing everyday except Christmas day. Champ went with on every trip. Loads of fish were caught although not a single one was brought home :o)
Hubby had forgotten his hat so I crocheted him one on that first evening.
While the boys were away we all went to walk on the beach and collect stones and shells
We had to wrap up as it was freeeezing!

My Mom thinks of everything and even brought along a small tree for the kids to decorate. Kiki took the job very seriously and left the tree very lopsided after favouring a branch.
The cake was decorated by all four children. Googs is pretending to bite it.And he got the job of cutting it.
Big cousin making fruit salad.
Fun in the house.

On Christmas eve it is tradition for Daddy to call up the chimney to see where father Christmas is. Now that we are in the age of santa tracking it is an elf who answers. Money drops down the chimney to let the children know that it is time to go to bed. It's all VERY exciting!

Christmas morning. Yay!!!! We woke the children up as we had Mass at 11am and we didn't want to rush the morning.

Then the feasting begins with a Christmas morning fry up.

We managed to finish the crocheted food in time.

And Googs named his dinosaur George.
George didn't quite get finished in time. He is meant to have scales which is why he looks a little naked but the plan is to add them on slowly so Googs thinks that he is growing up :o)

Christmas table set and ready. I wish that we had some pictures of all of us sitting round the table but we were too busy enjoying the food to take pictures.
Some of the table decorations that Boo made. On the bit of driftwood is the nativity scene with baby Jesus in the shell manger.
It was a wonderful day. A wonderful week. A wonderful family :o)
This was the view from our bedroom window.
The house had lots of fireplaces which meant lots of marshmallows!!!!

On boxing day we went to Holyhead and looked at an ancient farmstead. It dated back from the iron age (500BC) though to roman times. It was amazing. Places like that are so magical and the children ran around seeing which hut they would of had and where they would have slept.

This was in one of the huts and I have no idea of what it was. It looked good though :o)

And the view was amazing.

Yet again the boys went fishing so we went to feed the seagulls.

In the distance you can just see the rain that forced us back inside.


Hannah said...

It looks like you had a really fun Christmas! I love the knitted presents.
Happy new year :o)

Moogie said...

Thanks Hannah :o)
Happy New Year to you too