Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Our Chocolate Factory

Carrying on with our homemade Easter gifts, B and K turned our kitchen into a chocolate factory! K melted chocolate to make chocolate lollipops, and chocolate covered dried apricots                               
B and K dipping the apricots

K making her lollipops
and then they decorated them. They liked the drizzled chocolate effect so they continued in that style

B's marshmallows
We made chocolate flowers too
and made them into lollipops
  The chocolate covered apricots
K's chocolate lollipops

We decorated a branch for our Easter tree. Those Hama bead creations that we made while waiting for the chicks to hatch came in very handy here :)

we put all the treats that the children had made on the table before bagging them up


Pip said...

WOW!! how lovely! I must do some chocolate creating with the boys!! xx

Spencer said...

How cool! I love the look of all those yummy chocolates. I especially like the look of the chocolate covered apricots.

HonestMum said...

Just amazing-all look delicious!