Thursday, 14 June 2012

Chilli Jam

I bought a chilli plant for hubby last year because he loves hot food and complains that he never gets to eat it much anymore because the rest of us only like a little bit of spice. However, he has only used ONE chilli in an entire year of this very fruitful plant's life! So we decided to make him some chilli jam using ALL the chillies that were on the plant at the time. The kids were excited to help make a present for Daddy.
Googs cut up the red peppers

B and I picked all the chillies from the plant and blended them.

Milo looked on :)

Kiki poured in the jam sugar. She didn't stay up there while the sugar boiled, of course.

Ta da! Chilli jam! So anyway, we only used 1/6th of the amount of chillies that the recipe called for still this jam is super hot!!!! :) So now hubby can't complain about bland food :)
Googs having some chill out time with Milo


dorinalouise said...

that was a great idea! and milo is too cute :)

HonestMum said...

wow love everything chilli! Kids and dog adorable x

Moogie said...

Thank you! Sorry, Ive just seen that you have commented! Since taking of the "moderate posts" thing, I no longer get notified if someone has commented :/

Alternicity said...

Wow, I bet that was one hot Chilli Jam!! :)

Moogie said...

It REALLY is! :) I gave one of the jars to my dad because hubby is taking too long to get through them :) I guess three huge jars is a bit much :)