Thursday, 7 June 2012


On a sciency morning we revisited magnets. We collected all our magnets together and did some experiments.

I remembered the little stones that we collected on the beach 2 years ago using magnets. I knew that they would come in useful one day :) We put them in a lid and the children moved the stones about by placing the magnets underneath the lid. All these stones could be picked up by the magnet!

I wasn't needed for long as the children were soon setting up their own experiments and K even remembered how to make her own compass by magnetising a needle!
The boys strapped magnets to their toy cars and used the magnets to push them along :)
And see that paper butterfly in the bottom right hand corner of the photo below? Well, the children put paperclips onto them, tied cotton onto them and taped the other end of the cotton to the table, they then used strong magnets to pull the butterflies up without touching them :)

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dorinalouise said...

i remember doing magnets :) they were fun experiments . . the girls really liked them. i think we still have the book on our shelf . . ! the beach pebbles are amazing . .