Monday, 4 June 2012

homemade yoghurt!

I realise how bad I have been keeping up with the blog recently. I have never taken an entire month off before, let alone 2!! We have started a new venture that is taking up so much of my time, too much maybe, I shall have to carve out a blogging slot again. I do love love to blog :) So for now I am going to play catchup which means that there are going to be a lot of posts totally out of order - I haven't even posted about Easter yet! lol but I promised my Grandmother that I would still post about it even if it is June :)

Kiki making her farm. She said that when she is older she's going to be a farmer and have giraffes, camels, and grow tea.

We made yogurt in the slow cooker!! I wasn't sure if it would work but being up for the challenge I went for the throw-yourself-in-feet-first approach and used 3 litres of milk for our first batch. So we heated the milk and added the starter, turned it off and...

by morning we had 3 litres of delicious homemade yogurt!!!
I made some kiwi jam from some underripe kiwis to go with the yogurt. The kids quite rightly pointed out that it looked like frog spawn :) still very yummy though.
I was so excited that it worked that I made 4 litres the next night using our own yogurt as a starter, needless to say we had to take a break from eating yogurt for a while :P

B taking his chance while the younger kids were busy to play with the dominoes

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Pip said...

YEAH!!!! you're back!! I was getting worried about you all. The yogurt does look very yummy.