Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cold weather fun

The younger two wanted to cook supper. The more helpers you have in the kitchen the longer it seems to take :) but it's so much more fun!

We even baked chocolate and marzipan cupcakes for pudding :)

Cold weather = crafting weather. K was working on her latch hooking

Kiki wanted a go so big sis showed her how it was done

More baking. These were made with condensed milk ... not my favourite. Nice, but not the best
and we got to have hot chocolate in front of the fire :) Benefits of cold weather.


Pip said...

love it. so sweet with the big sis teaching little sis picture!! makes your heart melt! Great hot chocolate Mustaches!

Moogie said...

Hi Pip! It's been too long :)
I thought that it was so lovely, too. I hope that they always remain good friends.