Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Visiting friends/quad bike

We visited some friends who live two hills away (20 minutes). This is the view from their garden.
It was freezing! The kids couldn't stay out for too long.
B had a turn on their quad bike.
He is now saving up for one of his own :)

And while the kids played, I sat in front of the woodburner, drinking tea and chatting :)


HonestMum said...

Looks like wonderful fun. We're lucky that our views include a reservoir and forest and lots of sheep. Couldn't find that very easily when we were in London!

dorinalouise said...

oh, it's so beautiful! and the fire and cup of tea must have made it extra special :)

LinsFood said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! We don't get much snow here in "sunny" Bournemouth! Have just left comments on your kids' blogs, just in case everyone starts wondering! My 11 year old has a blog too, he's been looking for other kids' blogs to visit, will let him know! Lin xx