Monday, 6 February 2012

Nature walk

This was a nature walk we took just before the snow.
I love how the children all get on with each other so well when out with nature.

I love how I get to have some great one on one chats with them all too.
We have no time limit, no definite destination, just freedom to explore.

Googs still can't be outside without picking up a stick :) I wonder how long he'll be doing it for?
Kiki found a fairy hole

K made up a story to tell to Kiki, they walked hand in hand, Kiki listening intently :)


Pip said...

awww lovely! the freedom of the outdoor world is great for getting along, and as for sticks.... i am still waiting on that one 2 and Brendan is nearly 10! Sticks are cool!! Lovely pics...... i am feeling a little scared about them falling off the path and it to the lake though!!!!! ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

HonestMum said...

Can you adopt me? One more won't make much difference right? x

Moogie said...

So I shan't expect him to give them up any time soon then :) The problem is we always have the usual "but why can't I keep them in my room" thing when we get home :)
We've been round the reservoir hundreds of times and no one has ever fallen in :) so I'm not too worried. I do have a rule that 'if they can't see me they've gone too far' around water.

Moogie said...

Sure HonestMum, the more, the merrier :) As long as you cook! the recipes you post look wonderful

Pip said...

lol. i use that very same saying and tonight i had to give a little giggle, as another mum used it when she lost sight of her little girl in Argos!

I have a pot in the back garden that the sticks get stacked in..... I can use the excuse that they are safer there than indoors, because indoors the rabbit and dog might chew them! So i guess you need a dog or a rabbit!!