Tuesday, 7 February 2012


The kids have started a block of gymnastic lessons. These aren't great pictures but I didn't want to take too many while they were having their lessons.
These pictures were actually taken after Kiki and B's lessons (in separate rooms for the respective age groups) but during K's and Goog's lesson.
B chatting to some of his friends while he waits for his brother and sister
K is on the right
and Googs is on the left
It is a bit of a faff managing to get everyone to their correct classes on time :) but they seem to be enjoying it.
Kiki came home and said "Daddy, look at what my maids taught me" :)


Pip said...

oh that looks fun....hard work but fun! I remember doing a gym class when i was little but it was nothing like that. rolly pollies and cartwheels lol

dorinalouise said...

oh, it looks like fun . . and what a cool looking building :)