Sunday, 5 February 2012

Experimenting and cooking

B fancies going fossil hunting again, he read that many fossils are found in limestone and that he'd be able to tell which rocks are limestone by putting them in vinegar. Limestone rocks bubble in vinegar.
After testing several stones that he found around the garden, he finally found limestone :) So I guess we'll have to carry a bottle of vinegar with us when we go fossil hunting.
Gran came round to cook with the kids. K wants to start using her River Cottage Veg book that she got for Christmas.
She wanted to make mushroom stoup with dumplings. The older two cooked while the younger two got up to mischief :)
and the cats slept...
dumplings made ready to cook
mushroom stoup
K adding the dumplings. It smelled so good :)


dorinalouise said...

the dumplings and stroop look delicious! i have so many mushrooms that my friend just gave me . . are you using the word stroop to mean a stew or soup?

i never knew that about limestone!

Moogie said...

oops I spelt it wrong, changed it now :) Yes, it's a mix of soup and stew, not quite either but at the same time both :)

Pip said...

oh that looks tasty!!! I do love to see children cooking!