Thursday, 9 February 2012

We finally got some snow!

After waiting ALL winter, we finally got some snow!!
This picture was taken early evening when the snow had just started to settle. I love how blue everything looks.
The snow was thick enough for sledging at around 9.30pm, and because they had waited so long for the snow, Hubby said that B and K (the younger 2 were asleep) didn't have to wait any longer. The three of them got layered up in warm clothing and off they went.
The rest of these photos were taken by Hubby...

And there was still more than enough snow for the younger two when they woke up in the morning :)


HonestMum said...

What awesome pictures and that looks like a serious speed inducing sledge-wow!

Pip said...

we watched it all evening getting thicker, convinced it would be a snow day and no school this morning.... but sadly we woke to a clear road. snow everywhere else, but the roads are clear. So off they went. But this morning they are enjoying the snow! The teachers have made the first lesson of today.... snowballs and snowmen!! I love their school lol!

dorinalouise said...

it's so beautiful. how wonderful to go out into the night and sled down the hill. what wonderful memories you are creating :)

we're supposed to have snow late tonight, early tomorrow morning. but, really, this has been such a warm winter for us. we haven't been sledding at all this year.