Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Recycled paper!

We had a lot of orangy financial newspapers left over from lighting fires, we decided to recycle some and make our own paper.
The boys got stuck into ripping the newspaper into small pieces
while K measure out the water
in went the pieces of newspaper
and everyone had a turn blending them
into the wooden frame went the brown sludge

removing the frame 'lid'
and drying the 'paper' with a sponge

squeezing the water out some more with the rolling pin. There is actually a mesh on top of the paper in this pic.
K using blotting paper to eek out some more water
and ta da! one small, beige-ish piece of paper. K has plans to write out the runes on it, which is a perfect use for it. Next time, I think we will go for more colourful paper, and perhaps even some glitter :)


Pip said...

oh i love the idea of doing this. do you need a special frame or did you make your own?

dorinalouise said...

What a great craft to do. We haven't made paper in ages. Glitter would look pretty with the brown, though I love it plain also . . I have a container of glitter under my kitchen sink. A little goes such a long way . . !

Moogie said...

Thanks Pip, we bought a frame. It was quite a long process for such a tiny bit of paper :) but maybe it will get lonegt the more we practice.

Moogie said...

Dorina, you are right, a little glitter does go along way but try telling the kids that! Piles and piles of glitter on their pictures, floor and in their hair :)