Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bird Lecture

We attended a lecture called "Birds are amazing" at the university. The children haven't been to a university before so it was a great experience. The lecturer was very good. A great mixture of information, a mix of media and props, and good interaction.
The children got a feather to investigate while it's properties were described.
And even a real golden eagle!!
After the lecture, we got a have a private Q & A with the lecturer :)

After which we went to go and say hello to the eagle.
The kids were so impressed :)
The exhibits that were put up were excellent.
Look at the holes in the bones

Once most of the other children had gone (yes, we were the last to leave) we got to see the eagle without its headgear, and have it's snack.
B then took the camera and went off to take these next pictures. I stayed with K, who wanted to stay and question the eagle's handler.

owl pellets

A great day learning with friends :)


Pip said...

looks like a great day! my guys would have loved that! What a beautiful bird!!

dorinalouise said...

yes, defnitely, a great day! i'm so impressed :) it must have been so fun.

Moogie said...

It's a shame you guys don't live closer. Or maybe if its on again next year, you guys could come up and spend the day with us :)

Moogie said...

Dorina, I enjoyed more than I thought I would. The effort that was put in by all the phd students was fantastic.

Pip said...

i would love an excuse to have a holiday up north.... maybe i will organise something out your way and we could get together with the kids one day???