Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Natural instruments

So it's almost mid January and we've had no snow at all this winter so far! We'll have to see what February brings ... in the meantime, it is still warm enough for us to get outside quite a bit.

At forest school the children made natural instruments.

Googs made drums, of course :)

K's stick/bag creation
Kiki with her brick drum

B with his drum set
And this was K's favourite. She made a tambourine/rattle with her branch of dried leaves
To warm up, the kids went into the energy centre


Pip said...

looks like a fun day in the woods. how many things did they manage to power up on that bike? would they be any good at saving you bills at home? lol

Moogie said...

lol yeah could you imagine "If you want cake you had better start peddling, we need more electricity for the oven" :)

dorinalouise said...

another wonderful outdoor day and field trip :) you do a lot of fun things.

we haven't had any snow since october, which is a time we normally don't have snow. we usually have it now . . but nothing. the temperature has been up and down . . warm one day, freezing the next. (sigh). disconcertingly . . different.