Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Natural History Museum

While we were in London we took the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum.
This camel confused the kids... a three headed camel? :)

But we loved seeing and reading about all the dinosaurs.

The kids have always had favourite dinosaurs, ones that they'd love to keep as pets :) of course!
They loved finding them in the museum. Obviously, it wouldn't be much fun for them to keep a skeleton as a pet, but then again probably more fun than a ferocious living dinosaur!

We walked around these enormous skeletons imagining what life would have been like all those years ago.

We were surprised by how many dinosaur names and facts the children knew! It was like having our own personal museum guides :)
They still learnt a thing or two, too

Feeding the t-rex!


Giant sloth. Wow!!

We walked into the bird room. This room was sad. Most of the birds were from the same collector and he just killed and stuffed the birds including almost extinct birds :(

Look how many birds in this one display!
This skeleton (below) was found by a woman who found her first dinosaur at age 11

The mammal sections was incredible. Watching nature shows and seeing whales on TV is one thing, standing next to a life size model is something else!

We spent ALL day in the museum! There was so much to see.


Anonymous said...

That looks great! So glad you're posting again. Ive seen a whale in real life in Canada and it's just unbelievable

Becky said...

Id love to go there, its on our to do list :-)

dorinalouise said...

what a fun visit! i love visiting natural history museums . .

Moogie said...

It must be incredible to see them in the wild and up close. I saw one in Cape Town once but it was so far away to really grasp the size of them

Moogie said...

It was a good day, Becky. We went to a David Attenborough interactive lecture at the museum which was brilliant!

Moogie said...

Thanks Dorina :) I can just picture your girls sitting there and drawing in the museum :)
We want to go to the science museum next time we are in London.

Anonymous said...

I've been to the science museum, I think your children would love it. The IMAX there is really worth it too, it's amazing

Moogie said...

oooh IMAX, yes! thanks for that :)