Saturday, 15 September 2012

Legoland day 1

The kids really wanted to visit Legoland again, so we decided to surprise them. We packed up the car and said that we were going to go with Daddy on one of his meetings so it would be a long drive there and back in one day. Only when we neared the park (and it is a long drive for us) did they realise where we were going!
They were so excited!!!
On the first day we had some sun along with the rain, but it didn't stop the children having a ball :)

It was rather chilly too but because it was school time, was a little cold and damp, it meant that there was practically no queuing at all!
The boats were one of their favourite rides, in fact they loved anything that they could control themselves.
And, of course, miniland is a favourite

I wonder how long this guy took to build

Whilst walking around we spotted a bird on its nest full of eggs 

                                                                  Playing Pirates

Eating their frozen yoghurts at the end of a lovely day :)


HonestMum said...

Looks like the most wonderful day!

Moogie said...

Thanks, lovely :) I'm looking forward to reading all your posts about your gorgeous new baby and his big brother!