Thursday, 27 September 2012

A sandy day!

Yup, more beachy pics :) It was windy, very windy! We were grateful that our tent was sturdy as many others were blown away!
We went to fish in the morning

With nets

and with rods

I love this photo of my boys fishing together :)

The girls drew in the sand

And made a sand horse

life sized!

We got back to the tent where K relaxed under the trees with Milo

And then the kids went to play on the sand dunes

The back to the sea! You can JUST about see how many tiny starfish are in this little pool on the beach

Posing for grandmother photos :)

And then back to the sand dunes! They slept well the entire camping trip :) you can see why!


dorinalouise said...

your days look truly paradisial. and that milo . . !!! he always looks like the cutest stuffed animal to me!! i keep thinking he's kiki's doll or something!

the beach. . the beach is sooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"the sea, the sea, the open sea. the blue, the fresh, the ever free."

it was a saying i had on a poster as a child. it's from a poem by barry cornwall.

what area is this beach in?

i'm glad your tent didn't blow away :)

your pictures are gorgeous! what wonderful memories all of you have.

Moogie said...

Thank you, Dorina!! I love that poem :) I will show the kids later.
Milo is cuddly like a toy, his fur is sooo soft! and he doesnt moult either. As the weather turns cooler, I'm loving the way that he lies on my toes to keep them warm :)
The beach is North Wales. Right by snowdonia so there are gorgeous mountains that surround the beach. It was a 4 hour drive to get to it but worth it, we had a wonderful time!