Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dipping beeswax candles

I've had a bag full of beeswax chips in the cupboard for years. We tried dipping our own candles with the older two when Kiki was a few weeks old and Googs was a toddler...it didn't work out so well as they were very demanding and this project requires some time.
So here we are, on a rainy day, a few years later, dipping our own candles :)
First we melted the beeswax in an old canFirst we had to straighten the wick by dipping it into the wax and then stretching it out. You can see the before and after wicks, below

And then it's just a case of dipping once and let cool

and the layers of wax build up slowly

and yes, it was a pyjama day :)

And here they are, slightly wonky, but they smell wonderful :)


dorinalouise said...

a rainy pajama day making beeswax candles . . sounds so fun and cozy :) (we have quite a number of pajama days ourself!)

Pip said...

cool. this is something i meant to do for Candlemass but never got round too :-( Well done you. They look fabby xx

HonestMum said...

They look wonderful and remind me of our church candles. Well done