Saturday, 31 March 2012

Rescued bunnies

Googs had a sleepover at his grandparent's house. Hubby took the other three out to the river.They had a hot cooked lunch to warm them up

On the way home, on the side of road near a squished rabbit, were baby bunnies. The kids and hubby climbed out of the car and just scooped them up.
We called the vet who told us to feed them kitty milk every three hours. He warned us that the bunnies wouldn't live a week.
We rescued three

They slept a lot! We stayed in for the first week to make sure that we were around to feed them.Dinosaurs and...bunny :)
We all had lots of cuddles
And they even met the chicks
You can see how tiny they were when standing next to the chicks

We've had the bunnies for about a month now and they are weaned and happily living with the chicks outside


dorinalouise said...

oh my goodness!!!!! they are just too sweet and precious. i'm so glad they are doing well. they have so many mamas! the children must be loving them :) it's late now and morgana and chanda are sleeping. i can't wait to show them tomorrow.

hugs to you and the bunnies!

Kelly said...

This is wonderful. What a incredible experience for you all. They are three very special little rabbits!

AlwaysARedhead said...

So much for the vets thoughts. They look adorable.

Pip said...

oh how lovely. well done you guys on hand rearing them. its not easy work that 2 hour feeds day and night. i did it with a chinchilla in my teens. the mother died during the birthing. sadly she did not survive either :-(