Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A day of feathery surprises!

It started off being a quiet day with the girls playing their imaginary games in the lounge, and the boys busy in the work room.
B completed a 3D puzzle,

and Googs put together a racing car.
Hubby then came home at lunch and brought in a budgie! which the children have named Bella. She has been hand-reared so is incredibly tame.
We didn't let the children handle her at first to let her calm down after her ride in the car.

Hubby then called the children out to the car to show them the new ducks
They even layed an egg during the trip back to our house :)

And that meant that the children got to try duck eggs for the first time!


Kelly said...

Wonderful new feathered friends!

Pip said...

ohh lots of new pets!!! What do duck eggs taste like? are they strong or just large eggs lol

Paula said...

Very cool! Duck eggs taste different?

Moogie said...

I don't know what they taste like as the children have wanted to eat them all. THEY say that they taste different though, stronger.