Thursday, 29 December 2011

Crafting for Christmas

I am going to be late publishing all of my Christmas posts this year, but if I get a move on, I shall have them all up before new year :) And since we still have the Christmas tree up I feel that I can get away with Christmassy posts for a couple more days.
Here are some of the Christmas decorations that the children made this year.
Cotton wool snowpeople
Water painting and adding salt to create icy pictures

Gingerbread men

Sewing the paper Christmas garlands

B, K and Googs all made one.

This next project took the longest. It was a perfect craft project just before Christmas because the children could just add tiny pieces whenever they felt like it.
It started with the angels and the stable...
Santa made an appearance
and it just grew from there


Pip said...

love the paper garlands and the wall art!! oh we are soooo doing that next year!! thanks for the idea!! Happy Christmas my dear!

HonestMum said...

How utterly wonderful. Love, love, love the snow people and I currently have more cotton wool than I can handle so will be nicking that idea! Christmas project is brilliant too. You are fab!