Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas bits and pieces

Just a few Christmassy photos from the last couple of weeks.
Baking, of course. Although I haven't done as much baking as I'd like. Oh well, there will be plenty of time once the snow arrives.
Kiki helped to fill the advent calendar, they are all helping to empty it :)
She was trying to draw a picture of Christmas but was just too excited to be able to sit still!
We made angels. Kiki chose the colour of this one, she requested a pink angel for her room too.
I bought the children some new colouring pens. They have spent hours drawing pictures.
And these were made for the children. Aren't they beautiful!!
Putting up the Christmas tree. For some reason we are always in our pjs when we do this :)


Pip said...

wonderful! As always! Such lovely swords as well! most of my blog photos of late have been with my children still in PJ's.... It's the most comfortable to spend a day!!

dorinalouise said...

i have to agree, pjs are the best :)

the angels are beautiful, and i remember being so excited for christmas that i couldn't sit still.

the swords are the best!

i, too, have so much more baking to do.

Anonymous said...

Who drew the picture? It's wonderful! All the detail in it, it's a very happy picture :-)