Sunday, 18 December 2011

Animals and fairy house

The forest school that the kids go to is held a a city farm.
The kids walk around looking at all the animals that they would like to have :)
Very friendly goats

After saying hi to the animals, the children then made a fairy house.

And of course Googs can't be outside without a stick in hand


Pip said...

Goats next then!!!

dorinalouise said...

what a sweet horse . . and sweet fairy worm . . . :)

we have many sticks in this apartment . . my dh would love to put them back outside but chanda won't let him. they come from the courtyard, my sister's house, and my parents' house. does googs keep his sticks outside, at least?

Moogie said...

Lol it looks that way Pip!

Moogie said...

Yes, Dorina!!! Googs gets really upset if we won't let him take his sticks home. He won't let us put them out either. I put some sticks that I thought were for burning on the fire and he was so cross with me! But there has to be a limit :) his room will look like a tree house soon!

dorinalouise said...

oh, it's too funny!