Thursday, 2 December 2010

We made an igloo!!!!!

We had even more snow!
But somehow the milk lady still made it to the house! We were very impressed.
Look how thick it was yesterday morning. It has snowed since and is much thicker.
Obviously baking HAS to be done :o)
And then we started on the igloo! First we built the foundations
We made bricks using a Tupperware box.
We had to stop due to lack of light....and we were hungry!
Today - more snow! There are steps there somewhere.
In the back garden the snow was thigh high!
The boys created a ramp on the hill :0D

and while they played in the back, I got on with the igloo. Here I am making bricks. The snow doesn't look as thick because it has been trampled down :o)
I cheated using a wooden board over the doorway. It worked perfectly.
Because I was working with a sloping roof, I shaped the bricks.
Now there is a gap in photos which makes it all look timeless and oh so reality it took me 2 days to complete it :o)
Ta da! The entrance tunnel still needs to be made...maybe tomorrow.
It is hard to show the size inside,there is room for many more children than pictured :o)
hubby coming down to admire the completed igloo.
After a lovely warm bath to defrost, we had baked rice pudding to warm up our tummies :o)


dorinalouise said...

oh fun. oh wow. not much more to say except that! and maybe: a warm bath and then rice pudding sounds like heaven :)

hooray for all that work. it must feel good.

Kelly said...

Seriously impressive, Carolyne! My boys are impressed. They have been waiting since summer to make an igloo. Your children will always remember this! I hope we get snow sometime! I love the picture of all the children inside it. And it shouls last sometime too. Tasty looking rice pudding too.

onegoldensun said...

What a wonderful igloo! That is so cool. I am so eager for a snowfall! I love to bake when the weather is cold, too.

Moogie said...

It did feel good to get it done but I am paying for it now! 2 days of squats to make and pick up the bricks, lol I am still ooohing when I sit down :oD

Cro Magnon said...

That is one fabulous igloo. Well done those boys (and you, of course)!