Sunday, 5 December 2010

Giant snowballs and ice show

On Friday the main roads had been cleared of most of the snow so we were able to drive to the Christmas ice show that we booked weeks ago.
We started out with a quick check in on the igloo. Can you see Googs' frown? lol he is really time conscious and he was worried that we would be late for the show :o)
At the show. The camera did not do the show justice but I added some grainy pictures anyway. The show was a good couple of hours and everyone danced to Christmas songs. It was lovely!

The Grinch

Here are Champ's favourites...freestylers.
Oooh I am in such a baking mood at the moment. Yesterday I made a pound cake from wee folk art.
The boys spent the day today outside rolling giant snowballs down the hill.

And this is what is left of our igloo :o( Sunny weather caused it to come crashing down, the boys finished the rest off and this is all that's left.
The girls chose to stay inside today and put up our Christmas decorations
More baking today. These are Wonky pumpkin and cinnamon rolls.
with caramel icing. They were DIVINE!!!!!!!!! I think that we will have to build another igloo just to burn off all these extra calories!


Kelly said...

What a fun weekend. The ice show looks very entertaining. You must have all really enjoyed it. You guys are so luck to have had so much snow. To roll giant snowballs down the hill. I would love to do that and I know my boys would definitely love that and probably roll each other down in one to. We made koeksisters today and called them koekbrothers! They were fantastic! Thank you! If you have a fantastic family recipe for melk tart and are still on a baking spree, then that is our request - lol!!!! Sad that the igloo crashed down but what a great accomplishment that was!
Have a great week.

Moogie said...

I am so pleased that you made them!!! And great name for them, with a family full of boys :o)
I haven't made melktert for a while so I will make one this week and let you know how it turns out. Hubby has been asking for one too.
Gosh losing weight will definitely be on my NY resolutions list next year. :oD it has been worth it though.
I am hoping to make koeksisters for our home ed Christmas party tomorrow, hooray for Christmas time!!!

nocton4 said...

wow, so busy and so much fun, lovely happy photos xx