Saturday, 11 December 2010

making butter and decorating the Christmas cake

I was ill this week so my Mom and Oma took the children for the day.
Boo was given a story, written by a woman from church. To say thank you, Boo wrote a poem.
The boys were content playing with the pencil sharpener :)
With Oma

Making butter. Put double cream and a bit of milk in a jar and get shaking.
and shaking
make sure you taste the cream

starting to turn..
there it goes
then take a break to decorate the Christmas cake.

ice-skating angels, Father Christmas and ummm ???

butter is done.
pour out the buttermilk
squeeze out the last bit of liquid

and taste!


dorinalouise said...

what a fun day. it's so, so nice to have grandmoms around! the butter looks yummy and i love boo's poem and drawing.

i hope you are feeling better. i can feel a cold coming on, myself.

Pip said...

hello my dear, i do hope your fully recovered now. Kenzie has been ill with ear ache this week and my mum has had flu. so many nasty bugs around!

I am so happy you shared the butter making. Brendan keeps asking how to make butter, and if we can make butter. this is so easy and he will love it! I will share this with him over the weekend and i'm sure we will be making some fresh bread to go with it!! Yummy!

Great Christmas cake BTW!!! looks very colourful. They have done a very good job! xx