Friday, 6 November 2009

wedding outfits

I really should have taken these pics before the wedding. They are now fresh out of the suitcase and very creased!
I made 12 of these flowers in total, 2 for the boots, 2 for the belts and 2 for the hair clips.

Here is a very creased pic of Kiki's skirt. The girls loved that the skirts flared out when they span round. Boo called it her peacock skirt and Kiki called it her princess dress.

I made the underskirt and attached some tulle. I was going to add a whole lot more tulle than this but once it was on one layer seemed enough.

The boys ties

and cummerbunds. I didn't have a pattern for these so I just made it up. They turned out okay I think.

And finally the waistcoats. I was sewing the buttons on the day before we left. The lining is a lot greener that the pic shows and the centre circles on the girls dress is the same material as the lining.

Googs really didn't want his picture taken. It is so hard getting pics of all four together.

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