Tuesday, 20 October 2009

fungi, dragons, pumpkin, grim reaper and marshmallows

This is the time of year to hunt for fungi. As with most trees, plants and flowers, I have not much knowledge of fungi. My only question seems to be "Is it edible?"
I love all the shapes though

Obviously I know that this isn't a fungus :o) but I love the colours.
We went on a walk to Wantley woods with some friends.

We came across a wonderful dragon made out of a stone wall and a carved wooded head and claws. The kids loved it.
The only thing was, it was on top of a hill and Kiki is going through a "carry me" phase - not easy.
Champ also found a little hideout with a friend of his.

The day of the pumpkin carving finally came!
The kids all got stuck in.

Champ and Boo marked out the design and Hubby cut it out. I think that they did a brilliant job!

Last night Champ came to tell me an hour and a half before he had to leave for cubs that it was a Halloween party and he needed to wear fancy dress!!! We don't have any dress up clothes that fit him aaaahhh Because he is home educated and the other boys know each other from school I don't want him to stick out any more. Sooooo we had mad dash round the house trying to find something for him to wear. We managed to find a black tunic in the dressing up box (years ago a local theatre was moving premises and I rescued a few outfits out of the skip - mostly dresses). I then found some black material and quickly made this hooded cape. I think it turned out quite well considering I hadn't really a clue what I was doing. Hubby then made the scythe out of a nappy box, some tinfoil and an old mop handle. I just had to paint his face and he was all done. The whole outfit took 45 minutes to make!

Today was our autumnal fire with marshmallows. Champ nipped into the horses field and picked up a load of sticks, so along with some crumpled pieces of paper and a block of hard wood that they wanted to add, we made fire!
The weather is really starting to change and the kids got cold today and yet they still refused to wear shoes - I am only their mother, what do I know?

Although Kiki insists on having her marshmallow put on her stick she doesn't actually put it into the fire...well she actually did it once and all the ash that she picked up by ramming it to the bottom of the fire pot was enough to put her off :o)

The other guys enjoyed setting their marshmallows alight.

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