Friday, 6 November 2009

Northern Ireland

Since we were going to Northern Ireland for the wedding we decided to stay a little longer and have a family holiday.
It rained and rained and rained! so most of the time we stayed inside. It was disappointing that we didn't get to explore NI as we would have liked but it was still lovely to spend the week together. We did manage to get outside in the brief few hours when it wasn't raining.
One of Hubby's friends has a holiday home in Portrush and let us stay in it for the week. It was a lovely house but only had three bedrooms. Kiki of course has to have a room of her own, that's because if anyone else is in the room with her she wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to chat.
Googs started off in the same room as the older two but after keeping them up, he was moved to our room.
This is the beach within walking distance of the house.

With all that rain came lots and lots of rainbows.

One of the many castles we saw on our trip. They weren't in the best condition and after a while Kiki was pointing out building sites and shouting "castle!"
You can just make out the above castle on the hill top below.
Giants Causeway. I am so pleased that we managed to get to see this it was amazing (£12 for parking though!) The kids loved scrambling over the rocks, well all except Kiki who was refusing to walk and lucky me she didn't want anyone else but Mommy for the trek back up the hill - well at least I could eat our fish and chip lunch guilt free :o)

And the second from last day the sun came out for a whole hour and a half!
Kiki ran straight for the water, quick run!

Football on the beach to warm up.

Kiki was making pancakes in the sand.

and Googs was drawing pictures of all of us.

The trip home was hard work. We got to the airport okay. We had stopped for lunch at Ikea where Googs spilled his juice all over himself and Boo somehow managed to put tomato sauce in her eyebrows. We then got to the airport where we noticed that kiki's nappy had leaked while we were at the checkout desk so after a quick change we went through security where we all had to take off jackets and shoes and belts - not easy when there are six of you! In the departure lounge Kiki couldn't be dragged from the cash machine with out screaming. Finally it was time to board. Seating wasn't assigned so we had to make sure that we were one of the first in the queue to make sure that we were sitting together. We queued for around half an hour and just before they let us on the plane Kiki did a big poo! Hubby took her off to change her while I kept our place, as soon as he arrived back Googs announced that he needed a poo!!! aaaah After Kiki kicked up a huge fuss in the plane we were pleased to get back to England. On the drive home we got stuck in a traffic jam for 8 miles! it took us an hour and a half longer to get home than it should have. Maybe I shouldn't have written about this - it is stuff I should really forget if I am to brave another trip ;oP

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