Sunday, 12 August 2012


We happened to change channels one day and found ourselves watching Junior Masterchef. The kids were hooked as they watched Australian children cooking complex dishes and loving it.
By the end of the show, the kids were determined to try their own skills.
K went first. She wanted to make cupcakes
Googs also made cupcakes
Kiki made cookies
Licking the bowl!
B made cookies too
And here is the result.
K made chocolate and banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting/icing.
Googs made chocolate and orange cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting/icing.
Kiki made a chocolate cookie with a marzipan blob and brown sugar crunch.
And B made espresso and chocolate chip cookie with marzipan
They all got taste everything!
Experimenting with food is fun!


dorinalouise said...

it's so good to see you posting again and to hear about your sweet and delicious food projects! the puppy play date looks like two adorable stuffed animals come to life! i'm sure they were running around like whirlwinds!!!

Pip said...

wow!! that looks like lots of yummy fun x

Charlotte said...

Yum!!! Please can I come and live with you? x

Moogie said...

:) I'm sorry that I've been so distant from the blogging world over the past few months, I'm working on something that is taking up all of my free time and making me feel guilty if I do anything else.
I do think of you lovely ladies and hopefully everything will calm down soon :)

HonestMum said...

Wow, clever kids. My Dad made me do Junior Masterchef when I was 11-think I came 4th in the North and they wanted 3 for TV-I was so not ready for my close up but on the plus side I learnt how to cook!