Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Camping day 2

So on our first full day of camping we got up early, went to she shops to get food for the day and then out to the beach!! We had glorious weather!
Kiki was the first one into the sea

Closely followed by Googs

The water was cold though :) Luckily it was a hot day and the kids warmed out quickly once they were dry

All four in the sea!

Milo collected seaweed

B went out to fish
Kiki collected starfish

Sandy nose!

Their collecting buckets were soon full

Starfish friends :)

Beach art while we warmed up
Champ found a prawn by crushing up barnacles and putting them on his hand, this little guy swan straight onto his hand

K found some mussels. B helped her collect enough mussels for us to cook over the fire. They were delicious!


syeds said...

Wow! what a nice photography. All images are superb! looks like taken by a professional photographer.

Camping in UK

Becky said...

Beautiful x