Monday, 7 November 2011

toffee apples

Oh yes! Its toffee apple time again :)
You know, this time we do actually have lolly sticks but I like using chopsticks, they are sturdy, reusable so environmentally friendly, and long enough so hands don't get sticky.
Making the toffee (recipe I posted last year)
and dunking the apples. The children wanted to try both red and green apples.

hmmm yummy
And the apple cores were enjoyed by the chickens :)


Mammasaurus said...

YUM YUM YUMMY! And chopsticks? A genius idea!

Kerry Davies said...

oh they look goooooooood! my fave :)

dorinalouise said...

oh that looks delicious! you guys make the best treats!!!

Moogie said...

Thanks guys, and so quick and easy to make :)

Kelly said...

How many chickens do you have know? Looks like quite a happy bunch there!

Moogie said...

We did have 11 but we had to get rid of two cockerels. The kids are planning to hatch many more next spring :)

Kelly said...

Yes, poor old cockerels. Such a pity they make such a racket! Nobody seems to like the sound of all that crowing. We have one cockerel and even living on a farm, we daren't have another. Hopefully, we won't have too many cockerels out of the 7 chicks we have at the moment!

Moogie said...

Well, Humphrey was very loudy but the others aren't so bad. The reason why we got rid of the two cockerels is because they started attacking the younger two children. It was dangerous so they had to go. But im thinking that it was either the breed or temperament because our giant chicken, called Donna but is a male, is the friendliest chicken of all! And will happily be carried around and fussed over by Kiki.
7 chicks! They really are great aren't they :) The kids have learnt so much from rearing ours.