Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ice Skating!

I realise that these photos are not great, the combination of bad lighting and fast moving children meant that I gave up after I got at least one photo of them all :)
We have been going to regular ice skating lessons with our home ed group. We have 2 hours on the ice, with the older three having a 40 minute lesson within that time.
When I took this picture Kiki was using a penguin BUT she can now skate without it! She was so pleased with herself that she skated round the rink getting everyone to look at her :)
Goog falls a LOT! He seems to think that speed is everything :)
K skates by herself testing out different techniques, she can now spin, jump, stop, and skate backwards :)

B is also a speed freak, he skates with his friends and falls over on purpose :P

Having a lesson.


Becky said...

ooh I didnt know they were able to use supports, we went to the group session some time last year but they didnt have any supports and Emy was put off trying it again. We might give it another go :-)

Pip said...

wow. that looks like lots of fun! what a great idea to have penguin helpers!!!

Moogie said...

The penguins are great! It gives them the confidence to skate on their own and stops you getting back ache :)