Saturday, 12 November 2011

Painting Princess

Kiki made herself a crown and a necklace before sitting down to paint 'autumn'
She usually paints until there's no more space to place wet paintings.
She then moved on to drawing on her wall. Kiki told me that she drew two people falling off the unicorn...and a cup. hmmm
and on her cupboard!
It was such a beautiful day that we went for a walk down the road to go and say hello to the cows.

We popped into the garden centre. I just loved the colours on this tree.
The older two bought a book at the garden centre called 'Living off The Land'. They have been pouring over it for days and have made a list of all the animals they would like to keep, including the different breeds of chicken they will hatch next spring!

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dorinalouise said...

i can see the beautiful colors of your world in kiki's paintings!

what wonderful days :)