Friday, 17 June 2011

My Birthday :)

I like that we never make a huge fuss on my birthday, with Boo's birthday and our anniversary in that same week there is enough to think about.
I do, however, take the children out for ice-cream and go to my parents for a lovely meal.
The ice-cream parlour is on a local farm that gets their cream from their own cows.
These calves were just a few days old!

Hmmm yummy!

There was even a bouncy castle to work off the ice-cream :)
I love bouncy castles!

Boo went off to play with the goat.
Then we went straight to my parents for a cheese fondue :)
which we all enjoyed :)
My Mom even made Cape tipsy tart...delicious!!!!

The younger two helped me blow out my candles. Hooray for birthdays!


Kelly said...

You certainly know how to enjoy your birthday! What a fun day you had. You look so happy! It's lovely to see these pictures. Hope you guys are all well and not getting too soggy with all this rain..

Moogie said...

Thanks Kelly :) It was simple but surrounded by my family and food, what more could I ask for?!
Ummm yeah, we have had enough of the rain. We get out whenever we can but I could always do with a little more sunshine.

dorinalouise said...

what a wonderful day for you. we just got back from visiting my parents, and my mom made me a delicious strawberry pie. my birthday is next week. happy birthday!

earthboysblog said...

So sorry I missed your birthday. Haven't been blogging much lately. A little lazy I guess. Looks like you had a wonderful time. You don't look like you are very old, considering all the children you have. Still beautiful my dear. Happy Belated Birthday. xxx