Sunday, 19 June 2011

Harry Potter Birthday, part3 of 3 - lessons and Hogsmede!

The room ready for lunch.

Pumpkin pasties, treacle tart and pumpkin juice.
Plus the potions that the children made earlier. I have no pictures of us all sitting down to eat because I was too busy concentrating on eating! oops :P Everyone enjoyed the food especially the pasties and treacle tart.
I moved the plants onto the table ready for Herbology

The children each chose a different colour packet of crystal beads. They are tiny but when you add water they swell. You can keep plants on them as a soil substitute.

If you look at Googs jar before...

and then after. Obviously, all the growing spells that were cast helped a LOT :)

After Herbology, Kristin was given a pygmy puff.

Crocheted pygmy puff

Care of Magical Creatures lesson was taught by professor "Dad". He made them do all sorts of tricks before finally getting their Fuzzy flobbers to keep :)
While that was going on, Kristin's egg started to hatch...
It was a dragon egg
Kristin named him Ibby

Every free moment was spent reading their school books :)

With lesson over, the final event for the day was a trip to...

We all sat in the Three Broomsticks pub/Inn.
And drank butterbeer! Cheers!

While Kristin was sitting there, we gave her the last of her presents.

Just when everyone was sitting relaxed in the "pub" thinking that the day was at an end, I told them that there was one more surprise....

The children were each given a sweet bag that I had made with a different colour ribbon, a colour for each of the four Hogwarts houses.
I searched and search for sour, minty, weird looking and burny sweets, and of course I sent off for some every flavour beans. Some of the flavours: baby wipes, centipede, sick, snot, dog food :P Only the older two got the every flavour bean, but everyone had some Jelly Belly every flavour tasty beans :)
Until everything got sour, hot or disgusting!!!! :D :D :D

Ending the day with some photos :)

The Harry Potter experience lasted 6 hours, long enough for the candles to burn down.

and most of the sweets eaten.


Bygnerd said...

That is the sweetest birthday party ever! You are an amazing mom to go to all of that trouble. I'm sure your kids will never, ever forget that day and will point to it as adults as evidence of their mother's love for them.

I love all of the crocheted toys you made and I'm sure your daughter will cherish those.

Absolutely wonderful. :)

Moogie said...

Aah thank you x
I did have so much fun! Parties are the perfect excuse to go totally over the top :)
You know, I learnt to crochet about a year a half ago and it has been the best skill to have as a mother, I have been able to make so many last minute gifts, decorations and costumes.
Thanks again for your kind words x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful example of love and creativity to give to your children. I loved that so much was home-made. Lots of work and love in this, thanks for sharing.

Pip said...

can only Echo earlier posts. such love and time put in to it and it will be treasured! Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!