Sunday, 19 June 2011

Harry Potter Birthday, part 2 of 3 - morning lessons

The dining room/workroom was Hogwarts. There were candles everywhere which you can't see with the pics.

They entered the room, which was filled the smoke and sweet scent from the burning incense. They knew then that their first was divination so went off to get a cup and saucer each
They each put a teaspoon of leaves into their cups while Kristin read up on the symbols to look out for.

The tea was a little "yucky" :)
Waiting to read their tea leaves.
Trying to find shapes

After learning their fates both good and bad...
We sent the kids out with clues to hunt for the snitch while I got the room ready for their next lesson. Hubby handled this one.

They found it! It was under my hat, which brought them in just in time for the next lesson.
crocheted snitch

Time for potions!
The kids followed the instructions to make both edible foods as well as inedible science experiments. With no normal names for things, they were never sure of the results.
Gregory's Unctuous Unction
Grab some crocodile flesh and crush it with the back of a fork until squished.
Add to the cauldron
Next add 1 small spoonful of murtlap essence
Stir quickly anticlockwise until blended
Stir in rat spleens
Place in a jar - Aka avo and bacon for lunch

Flesh-Eating Slug Repellent
Pour 2 goblets of sopohorous into a shallow dish
Stir clockwise once VERY slowly
Add 3 drops of armadillo bile
Stir anticlockwise 5 times - slowly
Leave to settle
Add 4 drops of salamander blood

science experiment

The fondue pot is melting the grated mandrake root - aka chocolate

Beautifying Potion
Chop some Lovage and Hellebore and place in the cauldron
Break some wormwood into small pieces over the cauldron, evenly covering the lovage and hellebore mix
Add 2 large spoonfuls of chopped dragon’s heart
Add 2 spoonfuls of frogs brains.
Mix very well
Place in a jar
A mix of veg, bread sticks and humus

Dr Ubbly’s Oblivious Unction
Fill a jar with acaromantula venom
Add 1 small spoon of wart cap powder
Then add 2 small spoons of asphodal

science experiment

Scintillation Solution
Place grated mandrake root in a heated cauldron until melted
Meanwhile place tubeworms in a cold cauldron
Chop ash winder eggs into tiny pieces and place on top of the tubeworms
Stir 3 times in a clockwise direction
Add one spoonful each of moonstone and lionfish spines
Stir 20 times whichever way your spoon wants to go
Add some melted mandrake root and stir quickly until combined
Pour out onto a plate and sprinkle beetle eyes over the top
Let it cool

Basically, rice noodles mixed with melted chocolate, berries, nuts, coconut and topped with sweets

Burping Draught
In your cauldron, pour 1 goblet of acromantula venom.
Add 2 spoonfuls of belch powder
Stir until frothy
Drink immediately for strongest effect.

Lemonade and sherbet :)
Afterwards they had free reign and the leftover ingredients. After every potion, the cauldrons were washed had handed back so I want to say a big thank you to Mom, Oma and Auntie O :) for helping out!

And came up with some interesting concoctions

Close-ups of some of the ingredients. Can you guess what they are?

After that looong potions lessons, the kids went out to play and read their books while the adults tidied up and got ready for lunch.

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Pip said...

It just gets better! But you are inspiring me to do a Pooh Bear day for the boys over the holidays as they are Pooh bear mad!!