Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fun in February! (part1)

We have had a virus on the computer so I have not been able to get on the computer to put things on the blog for ages. Now looking at all the photos, I am a little overwhelmed not knowing where to start, so this post is just a few random things that the kids got up to.

Boo has of course been playing animal games.
Making rolls for lunch.
Champ is really into paper aeroplanes at the moment and decided to use our enormous form-drawing paper to make enormous paper aeroplanes!

Cooking in matching aprons.

I found this set of woodcarving tools in a sale last year. I finally brought them out and Champ just took to them.
He is in the middle of carving a boat.
Champ and Boo really wanted to be more independent in the whole cooking process, so they are now going to choose a meal, see what ingredients we need and then cook it with minimal assistance.

Boo chose chicken kebabs with garlic bread.
Champ chose something a little less healthy, going instead for nachos. I really hope they continue with this!
Kiki getting stuck in.
Kids met their friends at a museum. They had a wonderful time and I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures :o(

We have been learning about measurements so Champ and Boo invented their own scales out of clothes hangers and nappy sacks (unused).

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