Friday, 4 December 2009

Fun in November

I really mustn't leave it so long between posts as all I can do now is put together random activities. And I start to forget to take pictures. But here is some "stuff" that we got up to in November.

We still have ghosts up. Champ loves October where he makes hundred of ghosts to decorate the house. He works so long and hard on them that I feel guilty taking them down and leave them up until way into December :o)
Here is a cluster of mini ghosts.

Panic not! These are window crayons :o) They drew these pics while Kiki was asleep, the last thing I needed was copycat drawing with regular crayons...probably on the walls :oP

I still haven't finished the curtains for the puppet theatre. It hasn't stopped the kids using it though. Recently it has been turned into a shop. The kids are working really well together. Champ likes to write out the receipts. Boo checks the cash and Googs packs the plastic bags. Kiki just carries the food items into the lounge where she stacks them up and get moaned at by the other for doing so.

Baking with friends
It is getting colder but sky!
Kiki has been dancing...

and dancing...
and dancing!
The older two had a sleepover party. Boo wanted to have curly hair for the party so the night before we wrapped her hair in rags. These pictures were taken just after the rags came out. Her hair relaxed as the day went on and looked much better.
I was surprised how well it worked...very curly!

Googs and Kiki weren't going to be left out of all the sleepover fun and went to get their sleeping bags. They didn't stay in them for long but they were happy :o)

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