Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas boxes

This year the children got involved with Christmas boxes. They are wrapped shoe boxes filled with goodies for children from other countries who don't have much.

The children got to work in one of the sorting rooms. First they helped collect the boxes that were being delivered.

Then they had to go through the boxes. In the boxes there has to be:
Sweets - not chocolate
Something to write on
Something to write with
A soft toy
Something to play with - no dice, playing cards or anything to do with the army.
Something warm
There could also be nothing liquid.
The kids got so much out of it. They came home and starting thinking about children who have less than them. They even offered to give some of their favourite toys! It was a wonderful thing to be part of just before Christmas.

I did feel awful going through the boxes though. Some of them were filled to the brim with items lovingly made or bought. Other boxes just had a toothbrush and some pits of broken toys in them. But that is what the sorters are there for. In the sorting room there are boxes of toothpaste, toothpaste, soap, little toys, crayons, sweets and hats that people have made to add if anything is missing.

Champ is finding items to fill the box that he is working on.
Next year we are aiming to make about 20 boxes with the children's Gran. So far we have a few hats that I have been crocheting

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