Friday, 9 October 2009

Googs turns 4!

Googs woke up very excited. We waited for him downstairs but it got too much for him, he said that he was frightened of his birthday.
He soon got over it when he saw his presents. I love it that the others are just as involved as he is - that why I keep the presents secret from all of them.

Lots of dinosaurs! Googs has been the only one who has been into them - makes it so much easier to buy presents when you have a theme to go by :o)And of course no birthday is complete without a cake. Googs asked for a red dinosaur but I realised at the last minute that I had run out of red food colouring so orange it was. He never did mentioned the colour change. As my cousin pointed out, he's a cross between a dinosaur and kangaroo in shape :o)

I managed to find really cute dinosaur candles. They came in a pack of six, googs wanted them all on his cake but I managed to sneak on four.

Finally we have a smile!

Cutting the cake and making the birthday wish. After he made the first cut we all were distracted in getting the plates ready so googs just carried on cutting lolBirthday lunch and more presents.

On the drive home there was the biggest full moon I have ever seen. The pictures don't really capture the scale of the thing but it was amazing.

Carrying on the birthday celebrations the following day we went to a theme park for under 10s

There aren't many photos here for two reasons; one, I couldn't get the children to stay still long enough to take pictures and two, I was having too much fun!

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