Monday, 12 October 2009

Autumn loveliness

I love autumn! It is by far my favourite season which has surprised me a bit as I always thought that summer would be :o)
I love that there is so much for the children so discover. So many seeds, leaves, fallen branches...

and fungi! I'm talking about the rather large mushroom rather than what Googs is wiping on his hand.

I love the smells.

and colours

and all the craft activities of the season!!!
Here is a rosehip garland

Needle felted acorns made by Champ and Boo

And Autumn always gives you suprise sunny days where the ground is so cold and the air so fresh but with the warm rays there is plenty of opportunity for a quick picnic!
We had autralian themed sandwhiches :o)
And another thing about autumn is the need to bake.
Today we made flan for Champ's cub group. They are learning about foods from different countries and he was given Mexico. I wish I was going tonight I am sure it will be fun. I remember when I was in school in South Africa and we had a foreign food day - it was chinese food and only those who remembered to bring a bowl and spoon got to taste - I forgot...
:o( Lovely autumn colours

and lesson learned about hot sugar. I was fishing out lumps of sugar that weren't melting fast enough and stupidly put it in my plastic measuring scale...oooops

and finally as it is getting cold I have started a new scarf. I have four more flowers to go and I still need to tidy up the tails.

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