Monday, 1 October 2012

Camping last day

On the last day the camp site was quiet again so instead of packing up early we decided to hang around and soak up some more sun, sea, and sand.
The beach was deserted again :)

A happy sea dance :)

Milo was getting used to the sea by the end of our camping trip

Some last boogie board action

Just us!

By the end of the camping trip Milo was exhausted!
So was Googs :)
Fast asleep!
I took this photo as we were driving home. North Wales is stunning!

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dorinalouise said...

aaaahhhh north wales. thank you carolyne. and i want to get me a milo to keep my toes warm too! (though it's been humid and warm here these past few days!).

thanks for posting about your beach days! we just love the beach. i'll be putting up some pics from our brief visit to help my mom and dad get unpacked from renting their home during august and september.

hope you are adjusting well to being inland again! i was happy to be at my mom's to hear the red winged blackbirds and to smell the sea roses and to hear the crash of the waves at night . .