Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Milo the Sproodle :)

We have a dog!!
Milo is a Sproodle; a springer spaniel and poodle cross :)
He is very soft like his poodle father
When we first got him, he slept a LOT!

Milo is enjoying playing with the children and meeting ALL the animals including the ducks and chickens :)

Luckily we had glorious weather the first week so Milo was outside all the time and we didn't have many accidents inside.

Trying to get him used to the feel of the collar and lead.


dorinalouise said...

we are all in love with milo. i was wondering what that round chocolate lump was in your previous post! i didn't think k was playing with a stuffed animal :)

we are all charmed with your adorable pets: chicks, bunnies, puppy, kittens . . and we saw an old post with baby spiders ???!!!!

we are going to cuddle on the bed now and read _wonderstruck_, by brian selznick. have you read hugo? or seen the movie? the girls loved it . . i think chanda has seen it 4 times :P

Kelly said...

He is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

He looks adorable.

Pip said...

OOOOOhhhhhh I LOVE him so much! what a great mix and such a cute little boy xx