Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Electric fence

Now that we are hatching more chicks, and after losing so many chickens to the fox last year, we decided to get an electric fence.
When we went up to the coops I found K in one of the chatting to the chicks :)B loves to sit and watch them too, but doesn't feel the urge to climb in with them :)
Our first job was to remove the old fencing

Kiki helped turn over the soil to help the grass grow back in the spots where the coops had been
Googs got stuck in too

We worked for hours, and you know, I forgot to take pictures of the electric fence looking so neat and lovely :) It should definitely keep the fox away!

After a hard days work, we had a braai (barbecue)
and had cuddles with the puppy

The kids then ran races while they waited for supper


Javelin Warrior said...

That looks like a BIG job! And a lot of fun ;) I'm jealous you can raise your own chickens which has to be fantastic... I've nominated your blog for a Happy Blogger Award that was previously bestowed on me - I'm new to your blog but it always seems to make me smile...

Moogie said...

Thank you, my foodie friend :)
Keeping chickens has been a wonderful experience, and it's great having fresh eggs :)