Sunday, 30 August 2009

beloved fishtank!

About 6 weeks ago my mom gave us a fish tank complete with filter and heater! Its funny how you just don't know what will work in the family, the hamsters have been pretty much ignored, but the fish the best thing ever!
We have a chair (the refreshed chair) permanently facing the tank where the kids and hubby sit and watch the fish, I often find hubby sitting there eating his breakfast or catching up on his emails. I have to admit we have lost quite a few and have put it down to a learning experience (on hubby's part :D ).

We started off with tetra neons - lots of them but now there are only two left. We got a bout of white spot which they obviously don't handle too well.

The first Mollys we got were a fat black female and a thin white male. One morning we woke up to find a skinny black molly and a very fat white molly. The female had babies and the male ate almost all of them. We managed to save a few and one survives in the nursery to this day. The black molly, named Emily, unfortunatley died so poor Casper is lonely so we are hoping that this baby (yet unnamed) will make it into adulthood.

The guppies came next. Apparently you have to get 2 females for every male because they bug the girls so much that it is best to get more females just to give them a break (possibly the same reason some women go for polygamy I am thinking :)) Guppies have live births of around 30-40 babies, we have had at least one batch, we put them in the nursery(as seen above) but they were so small that they escaped and got eaten.

And here (above) is our latest addition - a gourami.
Below are two catfish.

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